Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Big Waters 25 Jan 15 + Big Garden Birdwatch

With the weather, work and domestic situation the only time I get out is for my Sunday Walk around Big Waters and sometimes even that is curtailed by the weather.  Fortunately the weather was quite decent last  Sunday so we did the Big Walk and whilst nothing startling there was a few things around including a couple of Grey Wagtail, Greenfinch, Redpoll, Siskin and still quite a few duck although nothing like the numbers we had last week.  Still quite a largish flock of Greylags though and 30+ Canadas knocking around.

Once again I helped out with the bird counting and took responsibility for Pinkies, of which there was "1" but didn't think you would want to see another shot of one (actually I couldn't better last weeks great picture!) and a new species for the year the Yellow-faced Wigeon, now I know there will be the dissenters who will automatically say hybrid but I will speak to the "Auditor" (Mr B) and see if I can get it past him for another tick in our contest against the Cramlington Six (doubt it though)

This delightful couple were in the Feeding Station although last week the Yellowhammer was snuggling up to another brighter dressed bird (now this is a hybrid I would like to see)

Grey and Pied Wagtail were feeding in their normal habitat (Just look for a gate where cows have passed through) 

A nice chance of getting some reflection shots (failed as usual though) 
Although this one is slightly better 
 Reed Buntings always look as though they are up for a scrap to me

Becoming quite hard to find at Big Waters now, the delightful Greenfinch

Finally a selection of the birds from my Big Garden Birdwatch

Of course just 10minutes after I submitted my results in flew 5 Goldfinch, a species which have been conspicuous by their absence for over 6 months now.  Couldn't count the Swan either which flew only a few feet above the house whilst I was out there watching.  A highlight was 5 Collared Dove but disappointing to see only 1 Blackbird although Carole assures me there is up to 4 most days

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Big Waters Sunday 18 Jan 15

Nice couple of hours round Big Waters on Sunday morning until the sleet started around 11.30.  Pond was about 75% frozen but filled with Ducks.  Also a couple of Redpoll were spotted on the walk.  Feeding Station busy also and as Alan J topped up the feeders 4 of the Robins were in the next couple of feeders to him and as he left 12 Moorhen were back in feeding.  

It got bright for a short while
 My first Pinkfoot of the year at Big Waters
 One of my favourite views
I think Alan counted about 774 Teal and Graeme got 177 Mallard, I offered to count the Great Crested Grebes but couldn't find any, next week I will offer to count the Smew
 One of several Reed Buntings in the Feeding Station 
and one feeding in the reeds
 First bit of snow for the Winter so had to put a Robin shot in
 Couple of Yellowhammer in the Feeding Station also

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

First Venture out of the New Year

Once again I only managed to get out on Sunday for a half hearted attempt at a walk round Big Waters but had to head for the hide as I was just too full of little germs running around inside me like lunatics.  Had a few minutes with Alan, Ian and Keith and they then headed around for the walk whilst I staggered back to the hide.  Graeme and Mick were there so managed a bit of a chinwag and I spent about 90 minutes there then headed home bumping into the others on their way back.  Here are a few pics from the day.