Monday, 20 April 2015

Big Waters - Sunday 19 Apr 15

Went for our regular Sunday Walk but only 3 of us as Alan J is holidaying in the Deep South West and Graeme was absent (but did bump into him when I was leaving).  Ian, Keith and I met up just as the rain started to spit and the wind started to blow so we headed for the hides again.  Plenty of Sand Martins with a couple of House Martins as well.  A pair of Shoveller, a couple of pairs of Gadwall, a few Teal, several Tufted, lots of BH Gulls, no sign of the Garganey although it was spotted on Saturday.  In the hides it was cold and windy so we decided to leave early but outside it had just started warming up so off we went looking for Whitethroats but no luck, although we did hear a couple of Blackcaps, Chiff Chaff, Linnets, Skylarks, Willow Warblers etc. We then dispersed but a Chiff Chaff caught my attention and I ended up watching 3 of them in the car park for another hour.  As usual here are a few photos from the day.

Willow Warbler
(These were taken early morning, before the others got out of bed
and I was just polishing off my 2nd Latte)

Got this shot in the wrong light so had to tweak it a lot tad

Chiff Chaff

Sand Martins using the frames for a quick rest till the Lesser BBGs dropped in

Finally, as usual, a very short video of the Chiff Chaff serenading me

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Early Morning Visit to Big Waters

Popped up to Big Waters this morning for a looksee at the Garganey, unfortunately I got a glimpse of the Drake for about 10 seconds then rushed ambled up to the main hide but no sign of it.  Spent about 45mins relaxing before heading of to work - couple of pics for you

Gadwall are really pretty looking birds

A Fox wandered across the scrape, took a dump, then buggered off

 I tweeted the following text with the above Picture
"Alan, there's a dog dumping on your scrape and no owner in site carrying a plastic bag. #cleanupafterthem"

Another very pretty bird
 And a very little quirky amusing one

Finally a couple of pictures of the Garganey that we saw on Sunday Morning

and one of the shortest video's I have ever done

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Med Gull Darvic Ring ALSU

On my last blog on Tues 7 April I mentioned the Med Gull at Big Waters which we saw but unfortunately didn't get the ring number but later on that day Keith Bradley did so he passed it to Alan J and hey presto a couple of days later a full history.

Its Ring No was ALSU and it was ringed 22 Jun 2013 at Pionier Insel, Landkreis Stade, Neidersachsen, Germany.  It fledged on on 9 Jul 13 and was observed still in the same location on 13 Jul 14.

It was not seen again until 9 Mar 2014 in Whitegate, Cork by Iain Hill.

Then another year gap before it was seen at Big Waters.  A couple more pics

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Big Waters (plus)

Had a couple of trips to Big Waters this weekend and scored for 3 Year ticks


Mediterranean Gull
First pic taken from the Main Hide
 Then a quick run amble to the other hide
 Note the Med Gull in the background as the BHGull photobombs it (from the front)

The annoying bit was that if you look closely at the Med Gull below you can see it had a Green Darvic on which nobody got the number of and also on Sunday there was a Common Gull with a Green Darvic on which once again no number was obtained (What A Bummer)

A Pair of the 3 pairs of Gadwall that were on the pond

A tip for Mick M, if you want to look for birds you have to look out the window, not down.
(although you could have been distracted when you were putting the dates right in the Book)

Hoy, watch where your putting that beak!!!!!!

A couple of male Shovellers still on the pond knocking around with a couple of females

Finally the video which also includes footage of the Med Gull

I also went for a wander round Gosforth on Monday where I had the pleasure of meeting Tatooed Tony.  Also snapped a few pics

Quite a lot of toads and frogs on the path and by the waters edge at the Pyle Hide

Monday, 6 April 2015

Jesmond Dene

Sunday morning I took a trip to Jesmond Dene as Mike Cook was doing a Moth Trapping in conjunction with the Dene Nature Areas events for Easter Sunday.  He caught a few moths but it is still hit and miss at the moment as those who read my other blog  Howdon Moths will know.   It gave me the opportunity for a wander round and take a few pictures.


2 Sparrowhawks circling above the Dene

Lots of Tits around

Noddy Train which adults were enjoying as much as the young uns

PS.  to the nice lady Lynne whom I bumped into when I was leaving the Dene, hope you got the shots you were after.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Langdon Beck

Carole and I headed down to Langdon Beck on Saturday, arriving at 6.30 it was very misty and overcast but we did manage to see quite a few Black Grouse and many other birds and as the weather cleared a bit we even went for a short wander in Moor House NNR.  Took a few videos but the combination of my shaky hands and the weather means you lucky people will have to do without it.  So here are some pictures instead.