Sunday, 13 November 2016

Howdon Wetlands in November

Visited Howdon Wetlands 3 times last week and each time the weather was different, dreadfully cold, tipping down with rain and the last visit on Friday was unbelievably bright sunshine.  Nothing out of the ordinary was seen although Colin J did have some Blackwits in the first few days of November.  It still is a delightful place to go where peace reigns and you will never bump into people and therefore no uncontrolled dogs.  Here are a few pictures from my visits, probably boring for those who have seen accentors, shirikes and rare warblers recently but absolutely bliss for me.

Gorgeous Rainbow very early morning
 Looking Upriver towards Newcastle about 8.30 in the morning
 Pleny of Stock Doves around
 One of the numerous Cormorants dropping in for a fresh water wash and brush up
There are at least 4 Wrens who visit the reeds in front of the Hide

 Plenty of Curlews but sporadic depending on tides
 You can nearly always see Snipe but usually tucked against and in the reeds

 Most of the white dots in the trees are Grey Heron 
(Think there was only about a dozen around when I took this picture)
 Plenty of Redshank and loads of Teal

Shelduck are in and out like yoyos

Finally a short video


Friday, 4 November 2016

Big Waters - 30 October 2016 - Crossbills

Sunday walk around with Alan and Ian had us seeing quite a variety of species but for me the highlights were the Crossbills and the Greylags.  We saw 3 lots of Crossbills but the best views were the 7 that landed on the tree about 30m in front of us, managed to get a few shots before they were off again.

Short video followed by a view of the island after a Good Cleanup

Plenty of Greylags moving around the pond then back to the field, there were in the mid 200s but no doubt Alan J will send me a message giving me the exact amount although I do remember him saying there were more during the week.  Plenty of other things but didn't take a lot of pictures so here a few I did get.
The colours this time of year are brilliant


The island has had a short back and sides

 A couple of the 30+ Adult Swans that were on the pond
 Don't you just love the Greylag call ?