Thursday, 25 May 2017

Big Waters - 21 May 2017

Haven't been up to Big Waters for a couple of weeks due to Family Duties so it was great to get out there for a few hours for a good old chat and a perusal of the countryside with Ian D, Alan J and Keith B.  Here are a few pictures from the walk

A Fox watching us watching him
The paths are getting smaller as the greenery grows
I can't remember anything growing here 3 weeks ago
One of my favourite vistas 
Six Great Crested Grebes on the pond but only 1 pair has any young
The resident Swan pair which bred on Little Waters has now brought them to the Big Pond
View of the Island from the new Platform
...and the North Scrape from the New Platform
Reed Bunting belting out the top tunes for the ladies
Lovely flowers
The Cygnets on the main scrape
Canada with its reduced brood of 4
Young Moorhen on the Main Scrape
At least 4 Terns sitting on the Island
Another shot of the Grebe family
...and the Swan family out for a Sunday Paddle

Finally a short video of some of the youngsters on the pond with background (non scripted) chatter supplied by the lads (and Mick M)