Monday, 5 June 2017

Big Waters - 28 May 2017

Arrived at Big Waters on Sunday about 10 minutes late so decided to just wander round concentrating on ground level for a change so here are a few pictures from the 2 hours I spent in complete solitude. If there is no name against them and you know them please let me know

Red-headed Cardinal Beetle - Pyrochroa serraticornis

 Silver-ground Carpet - Xanthorhoe montanata

Scorpion Fly

Azure Damselfly
 Red Admiral - Vanessa atalanta
Moth but  not sure which one

 Large Red Damselfly - Pyrrhosoma nymphula
 Speckled Wood - Pararge aegeria

The patternation looks like one of them post reading lamps (Alderfly - thanks Alan J)
 Common Carpet Moth - Epirrhoe alternata
 Green-veined White - Pieris napi

 Large Red Damselfly - Pyrrhosoma nymphula
 Emerald Damselfly - Lestes sponsa
 Lots of Cows in the South Field
 Mute Swan in the wood which has been chased off the pond by the resident couple and their young
 Green-veined White - Pieris napi

I then met up with Alan, Keith, Ian and Mick and ended up taking a few pictures of the birds
Couple of Canada Geese dropping in 
 Grey Heron surveying its hunting area
Practising Landing Approaches 
Common Tern looking for food 
Our resident Fish Crow which seems to have better success than the Terns 
 Couple of Gadwall