Friday, 25 September 2009

Back to the Fray

Now that Im feeling better a quick trip out to Cresswell (thinking about it there is an Ice Cream Shop there) and Druridge would make be even bettererer. We stopped and perused the Pond at Cresswell but it was quite empty but over on the dunes was this little beauty hunting away. Would have got out the car and followed it with the camera and got some better pics but the Ice Cream was a bit of a problem to carry as well so sat and watched from the Car snapping whilst gently increasing my girth with each spoonful.

Eventually we moved on to Druridge and on the way in spotted and picd what I think is a Vagrant Darter (corrections welcomed) it led me a merry dance for over 5 mins before it settled.

Arriving in the Hide we met this chap just leaving who said that the Otters had been out. Just my luck I thought but when we opened the shutters sure enough there was one out there fishing away and within 5 mins we could see 3 of them in different parts of the pool and they stayed and entertained us for nearly an hour and a half. No really good pics of them apart from a couple of head shots which I wont bother with its the thrill of watching them cavorting about and it even kept the wife occuppied especially with several visitors popping in and out and her pointing out where they where and what they had been doing (must see if I can get her a job as a tour guide somewhere to add a couple of bob to her pension). There was not a lot of bird life apart from 6 Grey Herons, pair of Swans, few Mallards, 2 Cormorants, several Moorhen and a solitary Teal all crammed into the top of the lake to the left of the hide whilst the Otters were out frollicking.

Headed home and was intending to stop for another small ice but my heart sank, it was closed.
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