Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Deja Vu

My little feeding station at work is coming on well, have added a nut feeder now and the birds are pouring in. Got lots of Goldfinches, BlueTits, Great Tit, the occasional Coal Tit and Long Tailed Tit. Blackbirds are all over the place and a "Stand and Stare" session for 20mins will let you see at least 10-20. On Friday I saw this "Blackbird" flying towards me and took a quick pic and when it passed I thought to myself thats a bit big. It flew off to the top of a tree and parked itself next to a Magpie. Checked the pic and it was quite blurred but there was this strange red beak and red legs. I immediately pressed the delete button and didnt think anymore, although I was puzzled about the red legs and beak, about it till I was watching Autumnwatch that night. Had I seen a Chough ? Have been looking today and yesterday but no luck. Once again my pics are the ones I like, not my best (Cough, Cough). Song Thrush I believe although the 2 are now down to 1, a single was on view all day today although quite a distance away but no sign of the 2nd one.

Underneath the block of cement must be quite a big hole as there seems to be at least a dozen goldfinches using it as a Pied a Terre. The singing is quite tremendous and seems to echo around the patch.

Saturday off to Big Waters, not a lot but this pic of a swan against the Dogwood is just tremendous.

This Dunnock seems to be having a blue day (JB checked my settings on camera and changed the colour one!!) But, I still think it looks pretty.

Off for my first visit to Gosforth Nature Reserve. Had a good walk around the outskirts taking about 2 hours. Lots of water and mud around. Didnt bother too much with pics as was just taking in the scenery. Saw a Fox just a few metres away getting mobbed by 3 Magpies. Not a great amount seen but the weather was not too good and later found out that several bonfire night celebrations in the locality had frightened off quite a bit of the wildlife. Anyway the sight of a Robin always brightens me up.

Found this dramatic Fungi growing on the roof of one of the Hides (inside).

Saw several Teal, Mallard, Swans, Moorhens also from the Pyle Hide.
03.30 Sunday morning we set off for Caerlaverock (same as last weekend) but first took my wife through the centre of Newcastle to see the Wildlife and by god was there some. The Wildlife Rangers were quite conspicous in the Big Market Area and the lower end of Dean Street. Several variety of birds were on display, although strangely the females were the prettier ones for a change (with the odd exception). A few of the males were in a bit of distress although it looked like an absolute dream place for pellet collectors. There were several feeding stations open even at that time of the morning with many of the perches on them completely full especially the ones in the Subway.
We then headed for Scotland and by 6.45 we were standing in the Salt Marshes with about 15 others watching the Barnacles waking up then taking off for Breakfast on the reserve. It started to P**s down at about 07.45 so we went into the Hide where a better view could be had but the atmosphere was not the same as standing in the open with the Barnacles, some of them appearing out of nowhere and flying just a few feet above our heads. Once again a few more pics from there. Mayhem at feeding time.

Hoopers in desperate need of Water Skiing lessons

Why do photographers always take my photo in unflattering circumstances (Might have to lose a few ounces to attract the chicks)

Its just a load of A**e here atm

Air Traffic Controllers must be on their Lunch

Another great weekend was had by all and on the way home my beloved asked about her "lateish" Sunday Lunch, no problems says I just stop in Carlisle. If you think Im going into a Restaurant looking like this (I look her up and down and tell her I still think shes gorgeous despite the extra couple of pounds of mud spread about her person). 90mins later we are sitting in the car at North Shields Fish Quay with Fish and Chips keeping a quiet eye out for the Sabine as the sun goes down (Great romantic end to a perfect day).
ps would have been even better if the Gull had turned up
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