Friday, 15 January 2010

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This is our tiny Garden, the standing is where John parks his car when he is at home. It dosen't affect the birds at all, actually its quite handy being there as one can sit in the car and watch the birds at even closer range. When we roll in from a day out sometimes we just sit there as none of the birds seem to dissappear

The top left hand corner is rather crowded with feeders but the tits, chaffies, robins prefer to hover round this area.

The top right hand corner is the Sparrow corner and also the place where most of the visiting species seem to appear first as can be seen from the pic of the Sparrowhawk below.

The pics below are all from the last few days when there has been an influx of birds, several that I had not previously seen, including, Grey Wagtail, Mistle Thrush, Red Wing, Field Fare and even a Woodcock, John didnt see this but having had a good sight of it and then checking the books I am 99% sure. The feeders deposit quite a lot of seed on the ground as the wind whistles into the bush corner and I am forever picking up the feeders.

I love watching the birds bathing although our bird bath has seen better days and has a big bit missing so the big freeze actually allowed us to put more water in taking care not to chip away the ice where the crack is. This particular Blackbird has been there most days trying to pick off the icicles prior to chipping away the ice and refilling it with a bit of warm water.

John bought this big tray which I hate to put the food in but it seems to be working and can clean it out easily and it stops the food getting all over the garden. Although it is totally ignored once the apples and fruit go out.

Back to the Bird Bath with the Starlings holding court.

and as you can see when there is no fruit out the tray is filled with birds

The Sparrows now have a turn taking a dip, even the pigeons and Tits go in there but unfortunately they are a bit fast and I never get a chance to get a shot of them.

All of the above photos have been taken with Johns "Cast Off" cameras normally through our windows so the quality isnt the best at times.
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