Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Work Patch Brightens Up

Monday and back to work, went for a little walk round my work patch at Lunchtime and either my wealth of bird seeking skills (LOL) failed me or Rye Hill had been turned into a Resident Pigeon Zone only. Didn't even hear another bird. Tuesday morning 7am went to put fresh water out and check the feeders and they had all been severely hammered even though I had only filled them 24hrs previously and hadn't seen bugger all yesterday. Still couldn't hear anything either. Came out at Lunch and WOW my first Long Tailed Tits around here of the year:

Then when they left a few Great Tits, Dunnocks and these Blue Tits arrived for their Lunchtime snack:

Then about 7 or 8 Chaffinches dropped in:

No Robins though and 36hrs without the song of a Mistle Thursh. Wandered across the road to the Hospice and my first House Sparrows for a few months were sitting quite happily whilst a bunch of students were smoking away quite happily at the base of the tree.

Whilst taking a couple of snaps with my 300mm non VR lens into a murky sky and trying to remember which way to turn the White Balance (see you dont need a 24 trillion mega pixel, 500mm, 1.4 longer see-er to apologise for taking a bad picture) the students and I started "conversing". Once the initial piss-taking from the students finished I think a couple of them were actually quite interested and the chat lasted for about 10mins, its the first time students have talked to me as I wander round checking feeders and peering into bushes as its normally members of staff, a few of them taking the piss (the comments about out looking for tits feeding on my balls does become tiresome specially when its from the women).

I know these are run of the mill birds but I get constant pleasure from seeing them and whilst a "Red Breasted Yellowneck Duck" would be quite welcome Im quite happy watching the Chaffies, Finches, Gulls or literally anything that flies by.
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