Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Another Early Morning Walk and A Quest for Info

Off for an early morning wander round Newcastle, started off at the Keep and wandered down the stairs towards the Tyne and along the myriad of pathways.

Lots of birds singing, especially Tits, Dunnocks and possibly the loudest Mistle Thrush I have ever heard although the place sounds like a natural amphitheatre (for those without a classical greek education thats a place where you can sing loudly and badly and still sound like Pavarotti, otherwise known as a bathroom). Stood and listened to them whilst watching the Sunrise over the The Sage and the Tyne Bridge and joined in the calling.

There are some absolute stunning stairways and little cutoffs with a mixture of old world and new right next to each other. There were many birds around and Gulls flying up the Tyne, also a couple of mammals, unfortunately they were both big rats.

Then went up to the College to check on the feeders and was suprised by this little beauty who sat there throughout whilst I tidied the place up and refilled the feeders and water.
This pic is of an unknown species that I come across occasionally and is the one contradiction in the birding world where generally the male is the "more handsome", this one is definitely not.
I believe he is of the same species as this next picture (note the well defined crest and the pink wingtips) as I have been reliably informed that he was present when this bird alighted in the Feeding Area and has been there for several days showing very well with several photographers managing to get very close without putting him up. Originally thought to be a migrant of the PoundusLandus or the MaryShazza variety I was eventually corrected so if you have any more details of these 2 puzzling species I would like to hear from you.
Not another bloody Robin Pic!!
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