Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Morning Campus Walk

Contrary to what the BEEB said the weather was quite good this morning so set off early for a wander round the Campus to see if anything new was around.  At the spot where I normally see the Redwings and the Goldfinch some big yellow tractors have now taken residence along with lots of piles of various stuff for road reinstatement and a few pipes.  Down towards Scotswood Road quite a few Blackbirds and the sound of Sparrows ringing around, didnt enter the Cul de Sac where they chill out as a guy with bins at 6.30 in the morning looking in the direction of their houses could attract some unwanted attention.  In the centre of the Campus I bumped into a couple of the workmen heading towards their Yellow Tractors and they tell me where a White Headed Blackbird is so off I go and an watching it within a couple of minutes.
I have seen this guy before but only from a distance and only have 1 severely blurred pic so a few of these whilst it was hunting for brekkie was a good bonus.  He didnt seem as skittish as most Blackbirds and I was standing looking over a wall from less than 10ft away.  I then went and refilled the feeders and put a couple of nails in the posts and skewered a couple of apples on and within 30 secs a Starling was on it chomping away.   The Niger seeder is certainly a centre of attraction now and you always see a Goldfinch if you hang around for about 10mins.
On the lawn outside the office the Mistle Thrush is busily hunting breakfast also but without much success
Then when he finds a couple he is off up to his favourite tree where he sits in the golden morning sun.

Then its off into the office to get my own brekkie of a nice cup of Ringtons and a couple of slices of toast dribbling with Lurpack (wonder which one of us had the more carbs).
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