Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Great Birding (not normal), Crap Photography (normal)

Monday I decided to go and have a gander at the Great White Egret if it was still around.  Got to Druridge at 08.05 and saw (pointed out to me by a couple whose names I dont know but bump into quite often) it immediately from the Budge Hide.  It was a fair way off so Crap Pic No 1:
It then took off and headed to Bells Pond and did this several times back and forth during the day resulting in Crap Pic No 2:
Hung around the Budge Screen whilst the Egret was on its travels and Davy T arrived, he was on a mission to see the Egret and Crane and as the Egret wasnt there and the Crane was according to a chap who had just arrived so off Davy went with me tagging along behind because I had never been to Eshott.  We got to the farm and spotted the Common Crane and managed just 2 shots before it took off and flopped over the hedge and out of site ensuing in Crap Pic No 3:
But never mind as here is a better Crap Pic I prepared earlier in October 2009 in Lamsley for those Birders who never got to see it (if there was any):
We then returned to Druridge as the Egret had returned and spent a pleasant if not very windy hour chatting to a few of the people who arrived to see it.  I then left in order to fuel up with Fish and Chips at Amble but was delayed for half an hour as I spotted two of my bogey birds (Goldcrest) calling away in the bushes only 10metres from the hide.  After refuelling myself I dropped into Hauxley and the Reception Hide was deserted, walked over to the left side to check out the feeders and then start scanning around to see what was there and immediately I spotted something very unfamiliar, a Ring Ouzel wandering up the hill about 100metres away, it was showing particularly well until some kind lady in a bright red puffer jacket managed to clamber on top of the mounds on the walkway and scare it and many other birds away as she waved her arms all over trying to keep her balance.  It shot of across towards the dunes.  Unfortunately I only got Crap Pic No 4:
I mentioned it to the on-duty guy who said that it had been seen earlier and was on the board on the wall, must learn to read one of these days.  Next spot was this pheasant who was in a slight state of disarray but the colours were just amazing:
Then onto the new-ish feeding station where I caught site of 2 Bramblings which resulted in Crap Pic No 5:
Then decided to head back home but couldn't resist a quick nip back to Druridge for another quick look at the Egret then just as I was leaving there this little beauty was sitting on the hedges along at Cresswell, quick shot through the window resulted in yet another crap pic but I just love these birds:
Then you take another and its still crap so out comes NX2 (Poor Mans Photoshop) and turn up the brightness and a couple of other things and "Walla" a completely different coloured bird:

Well thats the end of todays little adventure so tune in again if I can get the time off work/birding to write a blog and as Gary "Stringer" would say "Time in the Field = Birds.......Apparently"  I only wish all my days were half as good as todays or half as good as NS's Bad Days.
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