Monday, 19 April 2010

Quiet Sunday

Early Sunday Morning off to Killingworth Lake for another look at the Great Crested Grebes.  This time I got a bit closer and got a couple of decentish shots with some strange effects from the sun.  The one below is not altered at all apart from a bit of cropping and I think it looks really "Arty Farty"
Up to Gosforth and a good 3 hours wander round, loads of birds seen including 4 GSWoodpeckers chasing each other round the treetops.
Lots of Reed Buntings heard and seen and a couple of Chiffchaff calling.  Saw 3 Wrens in 3 different parts of the Reserve including one at the Feeding Station which I had never seen before.  Not much at the Feeding Station apart from Blue and Great Tits, the Wren and a Bank Vole.  Plenty of calling and singing in the rest of the reserve from Robins, Long Tailed Tits, a couple of Song and Mistle Thrushes, lots of Goldfinches and the bunches of Woodpigeons which seem to take off evey 30 Seconds as you walk along.  Also saw a couple of Treecreepers, a single Goldcrest (dont see one for ages then they just keep on coming). 
On the water it was a bit quieter, with several House Martins buzzing around, a few Mute Swans giving chase to the odd Greylag and Canada who dared to venture onto their territory, just a couple of Teal, a few Mallard with quite a few Moorhen and Coot.  Went for a quick spin round Big Waters, as it was getting time for Lunch and I watched the crazy Blue Tit carrying on building a nest in the open top of a metal pole which is hollow.  It dissappears down there with nest building material and stays down there for a couple of minutes at at time (dont think he has taken account of the flooding factor when it rains).
Back home in time for Lunch and a quiet afternoon sorting out the masses of paperwork that seems to accrue.
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