Monday, 24 May 2010

Broken, Fixed, Broken (Bloody Unbelievable)

After taking days to fix my comments box (I didn't fix it actually, just tinkered with it and one morning when I got up it was working again) my import photos is now stuffed..... Every time I press import it starts loading up every pic from my blog. When I get it to stop (eventually) it is just impossible to do anything with. I have changed it to the old format of importing which works for 1 night then next morning the whole bloody blog has changed settings and it dosent work again.

Anyway here are my pics from last Wednesday and Thursday. Shibdon Pond early morning and snaps of Miss Barnacle and Mr Canada possibly returning from an illicit night together. On several occasions now the 2 have been observed out on the reeds.
Later on that morning this young Dipper was observed flopping around from stone to stone and diving (well falling) into the River Derwent but managing to stagger out. Proof of Age to be out on the river at this time of the morning alone could not be supplied (and never will be since Mr Cameron has cancelled the ID Card Project - Hooray) so words in Ma and Pas shell-like should be had.
Back at Casa Hall a bit of argy bargy when one of the resident objects to other birds using its bedroom. It eventually moves the interloper on and...........................
gets the use of his bedroom back.

Watching from a distance is Tigga our lithe, supple, alert 18yr old cat (LOL). Hes that bloody lazy I have on occasion had to lift him to his food and he sits at the cat flap (inside the house) waiting for someone to open it for him.
Next morning at Shibdon again, one for the wife, the first sygnets I have seen this year, which brought the perfunctory "aaaahhhhhh" (whilst watching Halycon Days tonight she was shouting at the presenter to go and rescue the Moorhen whilst it was in trouble and when he didnt I got it in the neck)
Down to the Derwent Weir and several thing around including Grey and Pied Wagtails, Mute Swans, Dippers but the star of the Morning Show was this Grey Heron which flew up and down the Weir several times giving myself and another photographer some great shots.
After work a quick trip to Prestwick Carrs, it was very quiet but the Green Mean Machine was in its normal place so decided it was time to get a pic of it on the Blog as every other Blogger who visits Prestwick seen to have had one

Hope to get the bloody blog working properly soon to catch up (I hear you all out there cry "No")

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