Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Farne Islands

Last Friday I had my first trip to the Farne Islands. On the way over a couple of Gannets flew over the boat, my fist ones this year (actually most of the birds I saw today were year ticks).

Next to cruise by was this Razorbill, this wasnt just a year tick it was the first time (knowingly) I had seen one.The Seals must have heard I was onboard Glad Tidings III as they were waving to me as I arrived.

The amount of Shags sitting on eggs was amazing as were they were positioned right beside or in a couple of cases on the pathway.

There didnt seem to be as many Puffins as last year although I got some great flight shots but this little colony was just too nice not to blog

Back to the Shags, there were this couple passing an object back and forward to each other and I didnt notice it was a Bic Pen (bit out of focus, long story, wont bore you) but couldn't figure out why !

Spent a great hour on Staple Island and only managed to take 500+ pics which took me hours to go through deciding which ones to keep. On the way back Tom (one of the Wardens), who was returning to Seahouses to see relatives for a day gave me running commentary on the birds passing which included a Fulmar and he warned me in time so I could get this pice of a Sandwich Tern

Even though it was a Friday the place was absolutely packed and the boat was chokker also. It seems if you want less people then catch the 10.00 boat.

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