Friday, 4 June 2010

I Get Tired Just Watching Their Workrate

Yellow Wagtail at Whittle Dene earlier this week which kept appearing at the same spot with a mouth full of insects then dissappeared into a hedge
Went to Lamesley early Wednesday before work and was captivated by a Blue Tit which came 14 times to a nesting box within a 15min period with a mouthful of morsels each time.   Each time he settled on this branch for about 10 secs then popped into the box.
It then went into the box for a maximum of 15 secs then a quick scan around.

Then away it went always in the same direction (obviously to the pantry) as it re-appeared within 30-40 secs with a new morsel for the family (some work rate - I just got tired watching it)
Also got some nice view of a Red Kite who was out for a morning stroll
Back home n the Garden a rather unkempt Coal Tit keeps appearing although cant find out where it goes to
and at least 5 Starling familes await my beloved feeding them.  At last the young Starlings are now beginning to feed themselves although occassionally they do just sit there and refuse to do anything until a parent comes over and feeds them just a morsel then off they go feeding themselves again.  Reminds me of my kids sitting round a table and one of them getting into a paddy until one of us took time out for them then they would sit back and just look around smugly with that air of  'supreme contempt for the others because they are getting the attention'.

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