Sunday, 25 July 2010

Slimbridge and the Cotswolds

Back from a weeks holidy and now need a rest so am back to work tomorrow.   We visited many places including Slimbridge, Cotswolds, Longleat, Marshside, Leighton Moss and a couple of local trips, if you can call Yorkshire local.  The following photographs are a selection from the first couple of days.
Bewick Swan at Slimbridge
Little Egret over Slimbridge.  Also saw a roost of 13 on the Severn.
Grass Snakes scuttling under some corrugated iron.  There was at least 7 under when it was lifted.
 In a small area of about 10ft square there was about 30 of these clumps of Caterpillars which I believe will become Small Tortoise Shell.  The only Butterflies around  were loads of Gatekeepers though.  If you go to Slimbridge you should definitely go on the Landrover Safari.  We saw at least 20 species of birds close up, several hares, grass snakes and many types of damsel and dragonflies.  Finally a photo from Slimbridge which I probably could have got anywhere but have always been intent on photographing Butterflies from the back with their wings open.  This Gatekeeper was quite high up so got a different view of it completely which to my mind makes a much more interesting shot.
The next places we visited were all in the Cotswolds where there was a never ending number of lakes to visit.  We only managed to get to a few and some of them were right next to each other divided only by a few feet of earth but with different wildlife.  We did bump into quite a few other Birders who told us where to go but unfortunately we didnt have the time.  Just a couple of pics though as a lot of time was spent looking at Dragonflies and Butterflies as the weather down there was glorious as opposed to the torrential rain up North.  The first one is a Bog Standard Thrush pic but they were on every corner walking up and down pathways and boardwalks.  After taking pics of about 20 I forced myself to stop taking any more.
I think the following is a Brown Hawker but if anyone knows better !
This butterfly flew around for ages before landing and only managed a quick blurry shot of it although I have tried to identify it I failed miserably, I wouldn't have bothered with it but can't remember ever having seen one like it.
Yet another gorgeous looking creature which I have failed to identify
Did get to see quite a few birds as well although they were dominated by the presence of Little Egrets which we saw at least 20 in one afternoon and our eyes were always drawn to them.
Finally, whilst having a cuppa and the camera in the car this beauty of a merlin powered machine passed overhead.  Managed to get a distant pic after rushing to get the camera. 

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