Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Seems like ages since I blogged, its work, enjoying myself birding, sorting out the pics, reading other peoples blogs and doing the "odd" little chore for the beloved.  Most of my time recently has been spent at my local haunts, Shibdon (in the hide mainly for a change) and Big Waters with an odd stop at Lamesley.  Shibdon has been teeming with birds and birders for the last couple of weeks but the Spotted Crake/Crakes still keep their distance.  The Little Egrets reached a peak of 6 but the last 3 days have been down to 3.  A few waders have turned up also, Greenshanks, Redshanks, Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper and Spotted Redshanks.  Heres a couple of pics of some of the above mentioned
2 Greenshanks coming into land
2 of the Little Egret who seem to feed for about 15mins in one spot then shoot of to another
One of the Snipes directly under the hide
Green Sandpiper getting close enough for a snap

Also becoming more and more frequent are the Kingfishers.  On several occasions there have been 2 together sitting on the same bunch of perches.   They also have a strange habit of fishing from a raised lip on the ground which is only 3-4inches high.
Both of these sat for 10mins without fishing then just flew off
Successful catch from just outside the hide
Bit blurred but I just love the water flying off from the Kingfishers head
Fishing from the mud bank (never seen this before) only a few inches above the water
Another successful catch (wonder how many sticklebacks make a meal)
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