Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Tuesday and All Is Well In The World

Tuesday morning at Shibdon before work arriving at 06.00.  First bird on view was the Kingfisher and it was to return several times enabling me to get a couple of shots through the drizzle.
Was there originally to see the Spotted Crake (again) and was rewarded with views of Water Rails, Little Egrets, Greenshank, Snipe, Shelduck, Sparrowhawk and the Crake put in several appearances.  Not even a bad record shot of the Crake but if you look closely at the blob in the centre just beside the edge of the reeds I assure you with hand on my heart that the blob is the Spotted Crake
On Monday I had arranged to take Tuesday afternoon off and head up to Druridge to catch a view of
"The Sykes Warbler" but after checking Bird Guides and not wanting to waste an afternoon I headed to Big Waters.  Lots of friends there and a few birds.  I had seen fleeting glimpses of a Redstart at Prestwick Carr earlier on in the year but got some great views today after all the members of the hide directed me towards it  as I had misheard the first directions and was looking completely in the wrong place (not the first time and definitely not the last)
Finally the most common of the Dragonflies a Common Darter but was really pleased with the pic as it is the best Dragonfly one I have taken so far.   Well for some reason it wont let me upload any more pics, never thought the blog might be intelligent and dosent believe I can take a decent pic so wont let me upload it to embarass myself

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