Sunday, 3 October 2010

Saturday at Big Waters

If its Saturday its Big Waters.   Plenty knocking around early morning including 7 Snipe, 50+ Wigeon, 50+ Teal but only about 30 Mallards.   The normal "residents" were there including the Otter which paid an early morning visit indicated by about 30 Black Headed Gulls mobbing it, even so it stayed and fished for nearly 30 mins.    A fly through by the Kingfisher meant no pics for Keith and Allan, although Keith did get some great shots of one of a pair of Green Sandpipers that dropped in for a few secs, unfortunately I didn't.   Other drop ins to the pond included c20 Pochard, 3 Canadas, 4 Greylag and 18 Lapwing.  A Juvenile and 3 Adult Mute Swans dropped in seperately and withina few secs the pair of Mute Swans on the lake saw them off.   Alan J and Susan arrived a bit later and after a further 45mins in the hide in which a Water Rail was on view for a short while and 5 Skylarks flew over, we went for a walk round, although there was not a lot to be seen apart from quite a few Migrant Hawkers and Common Darters.   Back at the Public End a flock of 20+ Siskin made a good viewing experience on the treetops, also a few views of the Kingfisher looking for a snack.  Altogether a total of 53 Species seen.

Sunrise over Big Waters
Even shooting into the Sun gives some nice effects

The "Aah" isn't it a pretty shot from the beloved

Happy Landings

One of the many Siskins from Saturday

Wind got up a bit spoiling the reflection shot

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