Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Week At A Glance

A few pictures from the past week starting with a couple of Coal Tits from the little Feeding Station outside my office. 

Unfortunately on Thursday some delightful people and I use that term loosely decided to pinch 4 of the feeders that I had just replenished and leave the 1 empty Nut Feeder.  Its the first time in over a year that anything has gone missing so just pinning my hopes that it was some F****ing Idiot passing through so that when I put some new ones up on  Monday they might stay.   The funny thing about it was that at least 6 people told me they had been pinched so it just proves a point that some people do take notice.  2 of them I found actually put food down in the bushes themselves.  Next to appear was this really appalingly dressed Dunnock

We had several Blue Tits knocking around also

In Big Waters this lovely GSWoodpecker popped in for a little while and hung around flitting between Peanut Feeders.

One of the record count of Gadwalls this week which just increased today to 14 after several recounts and them eventually all coming out of the reeds and nooks and gulleys but we still reckon there are more to come.

In the Feeding Station the ever delightful Tree Sparrows  are all over the place.

Today 99 Greylags landed on the lake although when Alan and I walked round we noticed that they had been joined by a few more and a very distant count showed at least 110 but by the time we got round to the bottom of the lake they were up and away, I did get a quick shot of and counted the ones that I got in which was 87 but we could still hear a few on the lake.

Took this pic of a Hawker this week on Wednesday but not quite sure which one it is

Finally 11 Partridge all in a line walking up the side of one of the fields (cute)

The other bad news of the week was my Nikon D5000, only 6 months old decided to die on me, just no power at all.  Off it went to Currys this afternoon with a promise of 2-4 weeks to repair.  So its now back to the trusty D70 (sorry Carole) and my beloved is downgraded to the Fuji Coolpix 18x Zoom which I think she secretly prefers
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