Saturday, 20 November 2010


Off for a look round the patch with a Latte in one hand and bins in the other.  The Nikon was holstered as I didn't expect to use it much on such a dismal day.  There was plenty of sound as we wandered down the tracks although not a lot to be seen as the sun still hadn't managed to break through the 30tog worth of cloud.   As we settled in the hide and one of the cameras showed 40th of a second speed(Keith and Alan were another couple of early loons) the Greylags flew in, 113 of them.  The water had slightly receded and a couple of foot of scrape was showing but the only thing on it was a couple of Moorhens although a couple of Snipe did drop in.   Then after four circumnavigations of the pond 11 Goldeneye alighted next to the 2 that were already there.

There was quite a lot of activity in the Feeding Station with Tits galore, quite a lot of Finches and at least 1 or 2 GSWoodpeckers on the peanut feeders for most of the morning.  The Tree Sparrows were also plentiful.

Its also been a while since I had a pic of a Robin on the blog so heres one.

Just to prove no favourtism heres a pic of the other kind of Sparrows that the beloved took in the Garden.

Finally, Keith and Alan left at about 09.40 and about 5 mins later this little chap popped up onto the Scrape .
Should have waited Guyz LOL

GOOD NEWS - I got my camera back from the Camera Hospital HOORAY
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