Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Weekend

 Saturday and off to Big Waters again and watching Alan J breaking the ice, feeding the birds and getting his "left foot" wet. 

3 Roe Deer were gamboling around the North Field.

Despite the snow the planes were still departing quite regularly and if you look at the pond you will see that there was still a little bit of water which was not frozen, unlike.......

Sunday midday when this was the total bit of water unfrozen.

Prior to going to Big Waters on Sunday I took a drive to Blyth where I did manage to spot 3 of the 4 Snow Buntings that have been reported  over the last couple of days although no pics.  On the wooden pier in the town centre this Grey Heron which didnt look in the best of health perched on the railings and never moved for over 30mins even with people walking within 10m of it.

Further down the harbour HMS Blyth made a nice backdrop for the Black Back Gull

Out to sea the snow clouds were on there way in so I headed for a Latte and when they passed over a quick trip to the estuary but the tides were not conjusive (just 2hrs after high tide) to a lot of birds being in view although there was a flyover heading North of a couple of Whooper Swans (didnt realise until I looked at the pics when I got home) and also several skittish redshanks flying around.

Then headed up to Big Waters and had a wander round with Alan and Graeme hunting Redpolls but with no success.   After they departed I did a quick visit to Prestwick Carrs where there was a small flock of Lapwing on the big field, a Buzzard circling by the woods, at least 6 Yellowhammer digging around the goats troughs and about 10 Redwings making their way up toward the Sentry Box.  I did take a couple of "Scenery" shots towards the airport which looked rather nice in the snow but you can only take so much nice when you want to see birds. 

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