Friday, 31 December 2010

Big Waters Roundup and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Since my return from holiday I havent really strayed far, the last 3 days spent solely at my favourite Big Waters Patch.  The pond is still frozen although there is several tempting bits of slush dotted around which even managed to lure 25 Mallards to land on the ice, the first ducks since around the 18th December.   Even with the absence of the ponds normal inhabitants there has still been quite a variety of birds seen.   These include a Jack Snipe, Snipe, Buzzards, Sparrowhawks, Goldcrest, Treecreeper, Bullfinch, Redwings, Fieldfare and we even heard a couple of geese but didn't manage to see them.   Below is just a smattering of pics that I took in the last couple of days (no Robin ones though even if I did take over a hundred (ish)).

The first is one of the most commonest birds around although in the right light it is an absolute stunner, the Great Tit

 There have been several Yellowhammers around although they dont tend to linger

One of my favourite birds the Fieldfare although they tend to stick to the trees on the edge of the Boardwalks

A very bad pic of a Goldcrest.  Have seen one every day for the last 3 days, amazing considering I spent ages at the beginning and the middle of the year looking for one without success

Several Goldfinch searching for seeds dropped from an Alder onto the Boardwalk

Yesterday we had a record number of Mute Swan on the pond, 5, although the resident pair soon saw the interlopers off.  They waddled the full length of the pond to get rid of one then when the other pair landed they came back the full length to see them off also.

Every so often a small flock of a dozen or so Long Tailed Tits enter the Feeding Station and have a quick snack then after a couple of minutes they are off again

A Goldfinch sits on the wire awaiting his turn on the Niger Feeder

A stunning female Reed Bunting which in my opinion is prettier than the Male

A couple of Siskin on the Niger Feeder, they tend to hog the feeders although they dont feed continously unlike the Goldfinch who after a short while bugger off

A few Greenfinch who always seem to feed together no matter which feeder they go to

Finally the Tree Sparrows, one minute there is not one to be seen then 30-40 fly in and stay for ages.  An absolute magic bird

Could have put a lot more pics in but you must be bored by now so to all the Children and their partners, Grand Kids and any of the Great Grand Kids who can read yet plus to all my friends have a HAPPY NEW YEAR
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