Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Snow Buntings at Blyth

Went to Blyth Harbour on Sunday morning looking for the Snow Buntings and after mingling amongst the 5 photographers there, all of whom were snapping the Sunrise (LOL - at least the 2inches I saw of it behind the clouds) and after a brief chat they all dissappeared.  2 of them said they had seen the birds I was looking for the previous morning and had taken a couple of pics but had deleted them when they got home !!!  Anyway they soon arrived and after a little while so did Tom and Tim.   Didn't recognise Tim at first as he was wearing this sort of hat, obviously for a bet, which looked so "chic".  Now returned to the Blog after the 5min laughing fit has finished.   I got some decentish pics a few of which are below.

I then went to pick up the beloved and we went for meal at Limoncellos (think thats how you spell it) on the front at Whitley Bay.   This was for convenience so we could nip along to St Marys for a wander round but wong make that mistake again.  Anyway on with the pictures and will do the pics from St Marys later as I am sure you are all gagging to see them

What absolutely stunning looking birds
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