Monday, 28 February 2011

Quick Glance at Last Week

Highlights of week include what seems to be an influx of Song Thrushes late last week with 4 within a couple of hundred metres of each other instead of the usual one

At home in the garden a few Goldfinches have returned alternately swopping places on the Nijer feeders with the Siskins.  The Goldfinches haven't returned in the same numbers as last year but have now seen 6 instead of the pair that have been around since last year.

The Siskin numbers dropped off for a few days but they are now back in force with a high count of 62 late  Saturday afternoon

Most of them favour the tree in the Garden either side of mine then swoop down to feed on the feeders and table although some of them are now perching in the Hawthorn and Privet Hedges with the House Sparrows

At the weekend I didn't venture far with only a couple of trips to Big Waters taking place.  A fleeting glimpse of a couple of Ringed Plover taking off from the East end of the lake was the only new bird on Saturday morning.  The Feeding Station was still alive with Siskin and a fleeting visit by half a dozen Long Tailed Tits added further colour.   On the pond 2 Oystercatchers were the only other waders we spotted although they just stayed put on the island, if only they would come onto the slowly developing scrape and possibly attract a few more.  The Lapwings just flitted in and out during a 2hr spell although they never landed (at least not in view from the hide).

On Sunday a walk round with Alan J and Ian D increased the patch count with 3 Partridges, one of which launched itself from a ditch only 2ft from Ians feet making us all jump to say the least, 3 individual singing Skylarks, 2 Mistlethrushes and as we were nearing the hide a couple of Shelduck were on the pond.  When we got to the hide and looked out they had dissappeared, no doubt the Mute Swans were involved one way or another just as they were culprits when a flock of 6 other Swans landed but within 10 secs the resident pair were straight into the middle of them with that look of evil.

The next picture shows the 11.40 Emirates on its way into Newcastle although this one came right over the pond instead of a bit more to the South and not one bird flinched.  Just for Alan J

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