Sunday, 20 March 2011

End Of An Era (Well 18 Months Actually)

This week shot by, lots of work and no play is enabling me to take a week off starting next Saturday.  Went for a walk earlier on in the week down Whitley after work and my beloved saved me from becoming a "Murderer" by bellowing, thus enabling my Size 9 not becoming an instrument of death for this, "cute" and I use the word very loosely, little fellow

On Tuesday morning the day started off well with what I think was my first ever garden tick (only started keeping records halfway through last year) of a Song Thrush which started singing as I was clearing the ice off the car window so grabbing the camera I clicked away and it flew away.  Had to muck around with the pic later on that night to get this.

Then down to the Quayside and a quick look  at the Kittiwakes which are increasing in numbers

Up to work and refilled my 2 remaining feeders, as a couple more vanished over the weekend, and hung a couple of fat balls out then upstairs for tea and toast before work.  A couple of colleagues came in and told me to go downstairs quickly.  I shot down and aarrgghhh the "Tree Surgeons" where there getting their gear out.  After chatting to them the bad news was they were cutting everything down in preparation for the new building going up (sob sob) so took the feeders and fat balls down and transferred them to a tree in the car park only to be informed that the car park and trees and bushes were going also.  They got to work quite quickly and the larger trees were dispatched first although a couple of the "young ladies" who work with me were upset it was not a bit warmer so they could ogle the sweat laden bodies as they swung from the trees with their chainsaws and toolbelts.  It still took 6 of them the rest of the week to nearly finish (reckon they will need another day).  So I took a few more pics during the week as the birds did not want to leave as they kept going back to stumps that were left and just sitting on the fence or just standing on the bit of manicured lawn.

Not much left now

Normal (whining) service will be resumed shortly once I have wiped the tears away
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