Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Punch Up On The Quayside

Really misty morning and high tide so decided to have a walk along the quayside to see how the Kittiwakes are getting on.  As soon as I got out of the car there was squawking and squealing going on literally just over my head.  Looked up and started snapping straight away.  Once again I had failed to change the settings to suit the conditions.  The dispute went on for several minutes with the birds going up and down the side of the Guild Hall never less than a metre apart as the victor kept flapping back to the nest only to be dragged of it within a couple of seconds.

At first I thought it was a bit of foreplay but the viciousness of it soon made me change my mind.  Look at the beak of the right hand bird gripping the cheek of the other one.

They seemed to go directly for the face each time.

They bounced off 2 windows/sills

Eventually they got so entangled that instead of them flying back to the nest they both hit the ground together just next to me with the camera desperately trying to focus.  When they hit the ground I stopped clicking away and they lay there for about 2 seconds then the right hand bird got up took a couple of steps and flew away up the river.  The other lay there for a couple more seconds got up stood for another few seconds then flew back to the nest.

I have seen a few birds "fights" but this was by far the most vicious and in vocalness was only outdone by 2 male Pheasants. 
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