Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tuesday Morning at Druridge

Tuesday morning I eventually got to Druridge to see the Spoonbill.  All 4 of them were viewable instantly from the Budge Screen although it was still quite cloudy.  

They were harassed by a Grey Heron and some Shelducks with the horses ambling around seeming to keep them on edge but eventually a direct run at them by one of the Shelducks sent 3 of them flying off towards Cresswell and the fourth off toward the South Facing hide.

I moved round to the other hide and although the other 3 headed back a couple of times, they never seemed to pass the boundary of the road by the entrance then wheeled around and headed back to Cresswell.  They were my first Spoonbill apart from a fleeting glance of one a couple of years ago down in Somerset.

I was also entertained that morning by a couple of Hares who did some great posing in front of the Budge Screen although no shenanigans were got up to

On the main pool a Wood Sandpiper was briefly at the west end of the pool and a Common Sandpiper was directly in front of the hide.

Plenty of singing going on all morning, especially by the Whitethroats but didnt get a glimpse of any Willow Warblers but still heard a couple of Chiff Chaffs calling.

As I was the first one to arrive in Druridge that morning when I drove in there must have been 200 birds, all shapes and sizes, took off from the ground just to the right of the entrance.  A GREAT sight (little things please little minds)
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