Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The First Bit of the Weekend

Besides my trip out on Sunday I did manage to get around a bit on Friday and Saturday also.  A few hours at Gosforth Park produced a couple of glimpses of Kingfishers  working their way round the reeds.   The Common Terns spent a couple of hours mobbing something in the reeds nearly continously and all the time their angle of attack altered forcing what I thought was a Bittern, whilst others were going for Otter or Grey Heron, right to the edge of the reeds so all were waiting with lens poised when a flash of brown rose about 5m from where we were all aiming and a Bittern flew across a 8m space and plummeted into the reeds on the other side.  I managed to get 3 shots off the following being the best (you should have seen the others) and whilst it is laughable to say the least it does show its a Bittern.

With not a lot around at Gosforth several of us whiled away the time trying to get flight shots of an Emperor Dragonfly and once again the following was the best of a bad bunch

We did see several young Reed Warblers which were quite mobile

A quick trip to Far Pastures as I was visiting IKEA (not too far away) produced yet another glimpse of a Kingfisher and this lovely Little Grebe

On Saturday an unusual picture of a Common Sandpiper and Kingfisher quite close although this was about the closest they got and after a couple of minutes the Kingfisher charged at the Sandpiper a couple of times but it was completely unphased so the Kingfisher flew off.

Eventually the Kingfisher returned a couple of times posing beautifully for those with bigger ones than me.

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