Sunday, 17 July 2011

Wet (But Great) Weekend

Saturday and Sunday was mostly spent at Big Waters where the incessant rain assisted in its renaming to Gigantic Waters.  Despite this an extremely interesting time was had by all (well at least me anyway).   The following interesting facts were noted:

Greater Spotted Woodpeckers do not like rain as this one settled under the feeding table and waited there for 15mins whilst the heavens opened and when it died down off it went.

Sedge Warblers dont seem to mind the rain as an adult sat on top of the reeds singing away whilst it was tipping down and this young one  was perched just a few feet away the whole of the time.

I noticed that the Kingfisher seemed to sit on its perch with its head pointed upwards and when I commented on this a wiser head came up with the hypothesis that it was just making itself a small target just like terns do.

Then as I was leaving on Sunday lunchtime I stopped by the dipping pond to show Graeme some Exuvia I had previously discovered but blow me down there were 2 Hawkers just emerging and after watching them for a while Graeme spotted another one coming out of the reeds then attaching itself to a small branch of a tree.  The Exuvia was just a couple of feet below it.  Then the skies opened again so managed to get a couple of pics of each one then went back to the one that had been freed from the Exuvia and it had gone.  It was amazing to see so here a couple of pics

Out of Exuvia and hanging by the side of it
 If you look at the top left of the pic there is another empty Exuvia which had been there for at least 2 days

Teaming with rain now but Hawker is still attached by the white cord

The above is the 3rd Hawker which had detached itself from the Exuvia and seemed to be taking a breather but if you look closely across from the thorax you can see a bit still attached to a leg.

After discussion and confirmation through pics on the "tinternet" I am now sure it is a Southern Hawker.

Finally on Sunday afternoon when the rain ceased and after a bite to eat and a tub of ice cream at Seaton Burn with the beloved we returned to Colywell Bay as the sun was now beaming through and it was a shame not to do a bit of sea watching whilst soaking up the rays (well at least Carole was ready for it whilst I still had my wellies, slightly damp trousers and polo neck now beginning to overpower the smell of my retro 70s deodrant and aftershave - Brut) .  We were watching some Guillemots and Razorbills being divebombed by a few Sandwich Terns when we started a conversation with 2 chaps walking along the cliffs and after a few minutes conversation they introduced themselves as Killybirder and Tom.  Once again it was great to meet fellow bloggers and hope to see Brian, Tom and the absent Cain again.

p.s also managed to see 5 Common Sandpipers at Big Waters and 2 Greenshanks at Arcot.
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