Wednesday, 31 August 2011

"Did You Put It In The Book", "What Book ?"

Most of the weekend was spent at Big Waters (how unusual) and the following pics of a Great Spotted Woodpecker were taken over the 3 Days.  There are at least 3 frequenting the Feeding Station, 2 of which are now ringed and one that isn't. An unringed one was seen after the bird shown in the last pic was ringed.  I have only seen 2 at the same time but others have seen 3, although this is anecdotal evidence, as most of the visitors that come to the hide can spot birds but haven't spotted where the sightings book is.  When discussions are taking place and someone says "haven't seen a Little Egret this year" and then 2 people proffer their cameras with pics of Little Egrets (taken at different times) and show one pottering about only 10m from the hide, the 15 seconds that is needed to write it down would not make you miss a shot of a Kingfisher or a Sparrowhawk for example.  If these people read the book then they would see remarks made by others telling them where other birds are on the reserve, goldcrests, treecreepers or even a Whitethroat (someone said they have never seen a Whitethroat although they have been coming to Big Waters well before I got hooked).  A few of my "friends/acquaintances/fellow birders and photographers/people who are just polite for politeness sake/those who look down on me (I'm only 5ft 4) " may recognise yourselves but dont worry I wont stop taking the piss
 mickey out of you as long as you dont stop taking it out of me.

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