Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Pond Over There

Didn't do a great lot at the weekend apart from treading round the patch, enjoying the peace and quiet.   This was broken occasionally by a few cyclists, now I dont mind cyclists, was one myself for quite a while, until knocked off twice in a week by inconsiderate drivers, but the ones that dont bother to indicate their presence because they dont have a bell (buy one here for £1) and say something innocuous like "beep beep" when they are only a couple of feet from you are pillocks of the highest order.  If you are a cyclist and see some prat staring into trees with an outsize pair of glasses just indicate your presence when you are a bit of a distance away to give the idiot on the path (note the word path : A way or track laid down for walking or made by continual treading) ample time to become aware of you.  

Back now to some pretty pics.  The first was taken near one of my favourite spots in the North East, Cresswell Ices.  It was too early to Stop Me and Buy One but the Swallows were gathering and there was a handful short of about 150 gathering on the weird looking wires or are these standard wires and I am not being observant.

It was only a quick visit to Druridge with not a great lot to see so headed off to Big Waters.   Spotted these mushrooms which were a bit unusual, had a whirl at identifying them but failed.  Its the first time I can remember seeing slight spikes on mushrooms but then again I cant remember what I did yesterday at work so the first part of the sentence means nothing.

A Southern Hawker posed nicely for us on a Bullrush in the "Pond over there" as I call it whilst gesticulating with a pointed finger, although Alan mentioned it was called something like "The Outfall Pond to Little Waters" although I probably have that wrong.

There was quite a few birds around but nothing out of the normal apart from a pair of Great Crested Grebe which whilst were both on the pond never seemed to get together.  Also on a walk down the public end a Goldcrest, possibly 2, was showing well.  A Treecreeper also put in an appearance albeit briefly.  Several Migrant Hawkers were spotted and a section of the path was full of Britains most common Ladybird, the 7 Spotted.  Whilst further on a patch with several common 2 Spotted Ladybirds and a yellowish one in the centre of them but failed to get an ID on it before it flew off.    A couple of Small Coppers also put in an appearance and its no wonder they rest for quite a while as when they fly they are certainly one of fastest around.

The next morning back to Big Waters for what I call the Big Walk Round which takes you up towards Dinnington then back around on the South side of the reserve.  On the pond the 2 resident Mute Swans were chasing off a couple of intruders and were making hard work of it for a change as most intruders seem to leave quite quickly but they kept at it obviously didn't want to be shown up in front of their 9 young uns.

Managed to get a pic of the ring number and initial enquiries have it coming from Yorkshire so we await further information.  In the "Pond Over There" came across a Moorhen with a couple of youngish looking chicks which I haven't spotted before.  Whilst watching them I caught a bit of movement and after scouring the tree and bush line a Migrant Hawker was just hanging there and remained so for a good 10mins for its early morning sunbathe.

Other notable sightings on the walk were Kingfisher, 12 Pied Wagtail, 5 Linnet, male Blackcap, Buzzard, Kestrel and many others.  Finally a pic of a Caterpillar which I have spent ages in trying to identify and thus delaying the publishing of this long awaited blog (LOL).  Any clues ?

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