Friday, 9 September 2011

A Day In The Garden

Early morning and Carole has been out to replenish the feeders and scatter a bit of scraps around for the multitude of birds.  First in are the Blue Tits, Great Tits, a Robin, a Dunnock and today the first Goldfinch for while.  Also the semi resident pair of Herring Gulls and a Juvenile are early arrivals to check out if our next door neighbour has thrown out some titbits

An early rising House Sparrow pick up a bit of bread and flies back to the hedge

The advance guard of the Starlings take up position on one of the hangers and
normally tend to stay there for quite a while

Then the small flocks start arriving building up to sometimes 150+

The House Sparrows tend to travel in 2 flocks, one of about 25 and one of about 40 although they sometimes will flock together and then fill the hedges

The Starlings will also settle amongst the House Sparrows although this morning they stayed on the ground picking away at the various items Carole has put down.

After they have had their fill she then fills up the water so the fun can begin.  At times there is 50 birds waiting to get in this Water Dish although there are 3 others but they are metal which they mainly drink from.  The Blackbirds and Magpies favour the metal ones and dunk their food in it then fly off with it, at first I thought it was to feed chicks but now I have observed them doing it all year round.

Couple of Starlings joining in now although they are normally 50/50 with the Starlings doing a bit of bullying to get more space.

This one is the biggest and is reserved for House Sparrows who are doing
individual training for the 2012 Olympics

After a few lengths of the pools they then head up to the sun deck
and lie on the hot top drying themselves off

After a bit of a sunbathe they tend to scarper as this bugger is always
lurking somewhere.  Carol said all he did today was fly into the
bush and stay there for about 10 minutes before heading back
to his lair at the church

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