Friday, 21 October 2011

General Things From The Past Week

A few more pics from last weekend and during the week.
A beautiful sunrise over Northumberland

Back at Big Water lots of movement due to the Otters sauntering around.  I did notice that the Wigeon seem to be one of the first to take flight, even before the Coots sometimes.

Another panic caused by something at the back of the scrape.  A Fox perhaps but they dont seem to come out in the open much although John B got some stunning pics of one in the middle of last week

Couple of Whoopers just having a bit of exercise, havent been there since Wednesday so hope they are
still there on Saturday but one of them was ringed at Welney a couple of years ago so they might be
heading back there.

A flock of, sometimes 60+ and sometimes 110+, Greylags have been making an appearance
over the last couple of weeks with a few of them going onto the scrape

A couple of Water Rail put in an appearance the last 2 weekends but only managed to
get a pic of one of them this week

Thank god its Friday, just one more day stuck in our Sauna of an office then Big Waters here I come, but alas our lass wants the hedge finished off so will have to spend a couple of hours on that also.
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