Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sunday Walk

Sunday morning and didn't bother with the hides at Big Waters, just meandered around the public end with no purpose at all, just quite pleasant in my new T**t Hat which my wife had given me as an early Crimbo present.  As I had left the house that morning I said I was going to Go Outdoors to get a new hat, you know one of those stupid ones with the furry insides and Deputy Dawg pull down ear things, my beloved said hang on and delved into the bottom of her wardrobe and gave me a small package, damn I thought, hope its not a camouflaged one but suprise suprise it wasn't so now I'm a happy warm stupid Deputy Dawg lookalike with an early crimbo present.  Mind you the prize for the daftest looking birding hat still goes to a very nice chap who I bump into occasionally although I haven't seen him wear it since last year at Blyth.  Suppose I better mention the birds now, 3 Goosanders flew off the pond as I got to the bottom end, if I'd had my eyes open and could hear properly I might have noticed them and got a decent shot in the open instead of shooting through trees and reeds, this shot is the best of a bad bunch which now lie on the cutting room floor (deleted).  

I did manage to spot a few things which I did get pics of, a nice pair of bullfinches into the morning light although once again this was the only one of about 5 shots in focus (ish).

A Goldfinch of quite a largish flock, 20+, which settled onto this "plant" for at least a couple of minutes whilst I tried to see if there was any Redpoll around.

The odd Redwing dropped onto the Grass round by the area where the "Alien Circles" are.

Stupendous Blackbird up near the Car Park.

The birds I saw and tried to photograph but failed were a Treecreeper down by the boardwalk over the dipping pond. a couple of Goldcrest on the bushes by the picnic table, another 2 Bullfinches (male), several Fieldfare seen on at least 3 occasions, the 2 Barnacle Geese which came in with the Greylags again but were just a bit too distant.  Finally, whilst complaining about the weather I happened to glance back at my pics from last year and the following was taken a year ago Sunday.

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