Thursday, 19 January 2012

Short Eared Owls & Other Pics From The Weekend

A few pics from last weekend which I have just finished doing post production (a little cut here and a little sharpen there) on as I went snap happy and took hundreds.

Mary Poppins tells us we must "start at the very beginning" but this is the final pic I took this weekend as I was heading home from Cresswell it was just perching next to the road about 200m before the purveyor of all that is fantastic (the Ice Cream Shop).

This beauty landed on the ice at Gosforth park hope it had a bit of protection down below as it seemed surprised that it was not water.  (Can they tell when they come in to land if it is water or ice??)

Once again a Short Eared at Cresswell but this time on the posts by the watch point.

Delightful Stonechat which kept us thoroughly entertained between bouts of Short Eared Owl activity

A couple of  "Happy Snappers" at their Roosting Area hoping a
Professional will come along and show them how the big black
things work If anyone sees them please take pity and give them a
bit of advice cos if you look at their places where they put their
happy snaps K's and M's you will see they definitely need help.

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