Saturday, 14 January 2012

"Undisclosed Location"

Had a day off work yesterday so did a trawl up the coast in the fantastic light dropping in at most of the reserves on the way.  I don't have time to do a normal "long-winded" blog but at my last stop yesterday there were at least 3 if not 4 Short Eared Owls hunting from about 13.30 till 15.30 and a couple of my friends who were already there said if I put it on my blog a lot of those bloody photographers (LOL standing there looking at their lenses on a gimbal which is heavier than all my gear put together) would be around and they wouldn't be able to get parked.  Now as most people know I'm not a supressor of all those rare birds I have self found (started LOL again and had to take a sup of my early morning cuppa remembering all those rare birds I have self found and 2 seconds later I resumed typing).  So now in my 4th calendar year as a Birdwatcher (someone said that to me the other day) I realised that I cannot suppress this vital information fully so have done what all those photographers on Bird Guides, Flickr etc do and publish a photograph and say yes I have seen them but use the caveat "UNDISCLOSED LOCATION" so here is a pic that I managed to snap with my camera which cost just a couple of quid more than a gimbal at an undisclosed location.

Short Eared Owl at Undisclosed Location

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