Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Moorhen Battle

Prior to going on the "Big Walk" around Big Waters with Alan J, Ian D, Keith B, Alan F and Graeme B I did a wander round myself and when I made it to the main hide I watched an amazing battle which lasted on and off for 12-13mins but only got the camera out for the last couple.  Its a bit longer than my usual shorties but definitely worth a look.  The pair that you see fighting in the first frame have already been at it for 8-9 mins and I watched the whole thing and kept thinking should I get my camera out of the bag or not, yet another bad decision, but eventually I did rush across the hide to get it.

Remember to click on the YouTube logo then you can watch it in better quality
When the UTube screen comes up there are 4 buttons on the bottom right, dont
choose the full screen, try the next one to it which is the large screen and if you want
change the quality (thats the button that looks like a cog)

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