Sunday, 29 April 2012

2nd Blog from Saturday

Returning from Langdon Beck on Saturday I decided, as I was passing, a quick visit to Prestwick Carr to see if the Godwits were still there would be in order.  As I drove up the track towards Mayfair Cottage there was 2 Whimbrel in the first field, the first ones I have seen this year.

As I got to Mayfair Cottage I was informed that the path up towards the sentry box was flooded so decided a quick look in the horse field from the gate would be a better idea.  On view were 3 Black Tailed Godwits, 12 Golden Plover, 8 Dunlin, various Gulls and then a "cutie" wandered into view from a dip in the ground.

Unfortunately the pics aren't as cute as the Wheatear itself.  Bicycle Bill informed me that it was the first one of the year so not having Peter F's number I contacted Alan F who then contacted him.  They both turned up  a bit later.  Alan F did spot a Whimbrel flying in quite high and it headed towards the area where the other 2 were.

A massive crop from a dot in the middle of the viewfinder was obtained and if you look closely (you dont have to look closely actually) you can tell from the multitude of graininess and blurring how far it was off.
But when I left sure enough there was an additional Whimbrel although it was a good 50m from the other 2.

A short video of  the same Whimbrel just standing there doing nothing, just chilling out

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