Sunday, 20 May 2012

Holy Island

Saturday morning and along with John A we had a 6am start for Holy Island arriving there at 07.15 and finding someone there already who informed us that the Kentish Plover and White Rumped Sandpiper had been there but had departed at about 6.45.  Well never mind, its Holy Island, there is bound to be something else around. Either side of the causeway was full of Ringed Plover, Dunlin and a smattering of Turnstone so we spent 15mins having a look (just in case something had came back) but nothing else could be seen

We then headed over the Causeway and immediately spotted Wheatears dotted around and a stopping occasionally to check out birds the majority of which turned out to be Wheatears.  I recon we saw at least 7 or 8 differrent individuals on the way over to the Island and at one stage we had 5 in view at the same time.

On to the Rocket where a Bean Goose was seen and information was coming in the that a Red Backed Shrike and a Bluethroat were seen on the Lonnens, we only met two people who had seen them and the finders as well but we dipped on them also.  We did see however a couple of Redstarts (thanks Ross) and a Pied Flycatcher.  Then on for a wander along the Crooked Lonnen and a Spotted Flycatcher was seen flitting from bushes to wire.

We then headed to have a look round the Snook, once again Wheatear was the predominant bird but Skylarks and Meadow Pipits formed part of the cast and tucked away in a little secluded, protected dip a few Cinnabar lazed around in the Sun.  On our way back to the car a Marsh Harrier flew over our heads and headed South towards Budle Bay

Back to the Causeway to see if the target birds had returned as forecast by the people who had seen it but the causeway was full of birders, some of them had seen the White Rumped Sandpiper and after half an hour a helpful birder who got his scope on it gave a couple of us a look through his scope, then as soon as I figured out where it was I got my own scope on it (that of course was the kiss of death - off it went)but no sign of the Plover.  The various waders stayed till the bitter end then took off in large chunks and headed off in a Northerly direction looking for more mud/sand/clarts.  

Once again a blog of little substance and crappy pics but what do you expect for nothing.

Final Comment:  As the tide came in over the Causeway and we withdrew there was still 3 idiots that drove right up to the water, 2 of them got out and looked and I suspect that one of them might have had a go if it were not for the 15-20 birders looking at them.

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