Thursday, 24 May 2012

My first mobile blog

Early morning rise before work and off to Gateshead.   Target bird for this morning was a Dipper.  As I got out of the car the familiar call of the kingfisher made me think l was going to have a good day. About 20 steps to the river and sure enough the blue flash was sitting on a branch looking down reach for the camera but unfortunately it was away like a blue flash.  About 10 metres to the right was a Pied Wagtail feeding a young ball of fluff.  This carried on for the whole of my stay which as about an hour.  Moved upstream a small distance and sure enough an adult dipper was feeding.  It took about 2-3 mins to find a young one who was tucked away in the trees.  Sure enough it was up feeding it on the branch several times.  Next visitor was a Grey wagtail who collected a few things and then headed off to feed young i think but couldnt see where.
A Common Tern was also viewable feeding in some very shallow water.  What a great start to the day.
I spoke this blog into my phone via the Android Blogger App then had to spend 15mins amending it.  Anyone know of a Geordie Translator App for it.  I hope to add a couple of pics later as I know you will be dying to see them LOL

A couple of pics at last

Rather Distant Grey Wagtail

3 Fuzzy Blobs otherwise known as Dippers

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