Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Storm On Thursday

My sympathies go out this morning to my friend John Atkinson (aka Sedgedunum Warbler) who was one of the victims of that awful weather on Thursday.
I visited him yesterday afternoon and the ground floor of his house are ruined.  You can see the water marks at least 2 foot high all over.  His car sits outside with water marks on the top of the bonnet probably ruined.  His calmness when Carole and I visited yesterday was amazing as he chatted to to us and the Gas/Electric Man who was informing him that his Gas was off and would be for some considerable time and Electricity limited. 
John, Margaret, I hope everything goes OK and if you need a hand, you know who to call. 

Other victims of the bad weather on Thursday were the 4 young Common Terns on the island at Big Waters.  The water level has risen dramatically and the island is completely flooded which also means the Black Headed Gulls nest is also gone.  The Great Crested Grebes now seem to be fighting a losing battle with their nest which yesterday morning had 3 eggs but was barely visible although the Grebes were still attempting to keep it afloat.  The Gadwall ducklings have now reduced to 8.  

Thursday was a bad day for many of us and puts my small problem with my shed and my neighbours failure to replace guttering after the bad winter 2 years ago into perspective.
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