Saturday, 25 August 2012

Little Grebes Galore

Quick trip to Big Waters last night after an afternoon in the garden cutting/trimming hedges and delivering said remains to the Recycling Centre.  Lots of Black Headed Gulls around in the main hide John L and a young lady who was paying her first visit to Big Waters for a couple of years.   They informed me that I had just missed the Otter which had been out for about an hour but no sign of the Kingfisher.  After a while they left and after about 5 mins the Kingfisher put in a brief appearance and did a bit of fishing from one of the perches and the far end of the scrape but was in competition from one of the many Little Grebes that gathered around the scrape which at one stage numbered 10 although I could see at least another 2 a bit closer to the island.  Then just as I was about to leave an Otter appeared very close to the public end then headed towards the 1st hide moving most of the wildfowl towards the main scrape.

Snippets of the Little Grebes

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