Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tuesday Sandwich (Birding at both ends with work in the middle)

Early Tuesday morning and a quick visit to the Tyne by the mouth of the Derwent.  Had been informed of 140+ Redshank there and even though the it wasn't far of high Tide I could see at least a 100 with a few passing the time of day away on the Jetty

Evening and after an early dinner headed for Big Waters.  Arriving there I was pleasantly surprised to find the Scrape full of Mallards and Moorhens.  The bay held 5 Little Grebes and the 3 Juvenile Tufted Ducks pottering around with a couple of Common Terns fishing.

Through the Scope I picked up a Green Sandpiper on Alan's Scrape then another flew into the bay, did a couple of fly arounds then headed over to Alan's Scrape also but I couldn't pick it out when it landed (some irresponsible person left a load of debris there LOL).  Here is an extremely bad shot (as usual) of it casting a glance around the bay.

A few visits by the Kingfisher resulted in me setting up a long distance zoom in when I watched it drop in for the 4th or 5th time.  You really get fed up of those close up pin sharp shots of one sitting on the perch, btw Alan nice shots you showed me last night of it sitting on the closest perch, you photographer you......

Finally things were going along quite smoothly on the Scrape with most things probably settling down for the night when in flew a Grey Heron

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