Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Saturday at the Patches

Had quite a full weekend starting on Saturday with my favourite patch,  Big Waters, till lunchtime then back home for another session my other favourite, the garden, tidying things up then a bit of admin on the computer and finally a session photographing Butterflies and other things in the Garden.  At Big Waters I bumped into Graeme B and he confirmed the Snipe and Ringed Plover I had seen from the other hide, the latter being the first one I had ever seen at Big Waters.  Also present as well as the regular inhabitants were 9 Pochard, a couple of Gadwall, a Shoveller, 3 Teal and the Mute Swan population had rose to an unbelievable 40.  After Graeme departed for the Cricket Alan J arrived and we went for the short walk but in the reverse direction to normal.  Not a great lot was seen apart from a couple of Redstarts although this was to be expected as the local farmers were transporting Straw in massive tractors and trailers throughout the area.   There were quite a few Sand Martins around and a definite movement of Hirundines to the South.  There were also 3 Buzzards spiralling around.  Then Alan J spotted the 2nd of the Olympic Liveried British Airways planes WOW.  Photographs were taken and the Registration No plotted into my new Samsung App which shows all scheduled flights in the UK live on my smartfone so I can keep track of it.  I receive delivery of my new anorak next week.

I also had a couple of attempts at videoing a Hawker that was flying around but am not sure which one it is.  I think it looks like a Migrant Hawker but no doubt someone will tell me different.

After a bit of work in the Garden I sat down for a cuppa with Carole and just let the world pass by, it was glorious but I couldn't resist the urge to take a few more pics of Butterflies and creepy crawlies.  Whilst I can identify the Butterflies as Red Admirals and Peacock the Creepy Crawlies are still unknown but I will eventually find some time to sit and peruse the internet and attempt to identify them.  On quite a few occasions there was up to 7 Butterflies and at least a dozen Bees, of at least 3 different species, on our small Buddleia Bush.

The Creepy Crawly that I can identify in this pic in the background is yours truly's reflection in the garden shed window

This amazing looking beastie flew in as we were making yet another cuppa and landed on a cupboard door and never moved for over 2hrs
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