Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Bird Blog (sort of) At Last

Its 04.15 on Saturday morning and this is the first time for ages I have had a chance to do a blog (about birds).  I did managed to get out last weekend for a couple of short visits to Big Waters but that was all.  The water level was quite high but the bird counts were also with Wigeons over the 300 and Mallards hovering round that figure also.  A few Gadwall were still around along with a few Teal but not a sign of Tufted.  Some Goldeneye, I think it was 5, were present (cant remember exact figures as I had forgot my book).  In the Feeding Station good views of a couple of Willow Tits, lots of Chaffinches, the ever present Tree Sparrows are still buzzing around with a couple of Woodpeckers putting in appearances.  Well thats all I have time for (some might say thank good) as I now have to recharge batteries as I am photographing all the adorable little kiddiewinkies with some weird guy (sorry Geoff) in a red suit for the Works Children Christmas Party so thats another day birding missed although I am determined to get out tomorrow to Big Waters for a walk round in the Sunshine (well at least the BBC and Met Office says we are going to have SUN tomorrow).

Counted the birds but wonder how many are still in the reeds.  Need an appearance of the Bittern, seen on Friday last week, to move the wildfowl out of their hideaways.  Dont know if the Bittern has been seen this week.

The walk in to the Reserve was a little slippy on Saturday and when I got to the 1st hide Alan J was in there refusing to move along the seat as he had warmed a little bit up and wouldn't give it up.  

A few Greylags flying over but not many landing although a flock of over 130 have been regular visitors over the weeks.

Finally I wonder if you can figure out what this Blackbird has been eating (bit like my face after my 
toast and honey/jam for breakfast)

Well its taken an hour and 45mins to do this blog as I have had to make a cuppa, then decided I was peckish and toasted a Teacake with lashings a little bit of Lurpak, fed the cats twice, put 3 different lots of batteries on to charge and suddenly remembered where I had put my Beloved's birthday present (for safety) although it wasn't there when I looked, god when will I find those Earrings (Everyone knows what she is getting but she dosen't cause I haven't taught her to switch the computer on yet so she can't read the blog).

Well time to run a bath for a bit of a soak.
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