Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A Few Days Away (Happy 65th)

Back to "Sunny" Newcastle after a week in Cornwall where despite the weather we had a great time.  Highlights were the Eden Centre, it was unbelievably impressive and massive and due to the weather it was quite quiet, the company + drink (Rattler Rules) and the Cornwall Cream Teas (heaven).

I didn't expect there to be many birds in the Domes but the amount of Robins seemed to be endless but working on GBs rule of Constant Surveillance I only saw 3 but they followed me around the place the whole of the time I was in there.  There were a couple of other species but it was the vegetation that was astounding.  

Bumped into a few of these just wandering around the Rain Forest Section.

Then there was the main reason for our annual Christmas Jaunt,  although I still have a bit of catching up to do (but not much), here is a representation of the cards we received although there was plenty more on our return to the house (just in case you didn't see yours)

For cake lovers Cornwall is amazing, all cakes seem to be double the size of the ones you get in our shops

Once again "Happy Christmas" to everyone from
John and Carole
Mam and Dad
Grandma and Grandad
(delete as appropriate)
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