Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Saunter in the Snow

Well what more can I add to Johns eloquent Blog other than a few pictures of Big Waters which I snapped the odd time my camera came out of the bag in the unceasing snow.  I have still to sort my pics from Gosforth Park so will do that in the next post.

The Scene that met us at about 07.30 on Saturday
(on advice from my publisher I have been told to mention that the snowfall
in the lands of Howdon and Sedgedunum was much more substantial in order
to show that we were not a pair of Whingeing Softies)

 Quite a few Rooks and Starlings feeding in the fields the up to the Trees for a Break
 Newly imported Sheep into the North Fields sharing it with Rooks and Crows
 We waited for it to get nearer but eventually it spotted us and off it went
 Great looking Cormorant even through the incessant snow
 A few Lapwing sheltering on the island 
The Whooper that I mentioned last week turned out to be the same one that was here for 
a few weeks last year but this time alone.  Now to try and find out where it comes 
from as the ring looks like a normal Mute Swan one.

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