Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Nigella's Recipe of the Week

A few things I haven't managed to fit into my last couple of Blogs from the last week.

Very inconsiderate Bullfinch not coming out from behind the brambles to give us photographers a fighting chance of a decentish picture

Gorgeous looking Brambling

Now children, if you get into difficulties in the water you must remember where the lifebelt is

Now why can't someone on Dragons Den invent a Feather Comb  for Curlews I would buy one
Nigella's Recipe of the Week
1 Chopped Up Apple, Couple of Broken Digestives, 2 Crumbled Slices of Brown Bread
= GULL MAYHEM outside the Office Window

Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus graellsii )  dropping in for a snack at a Toon Brasserie
Dine in the Dark Lunch at Work
(A thought provoking experience which made me stop and think about a really
basic problem that Visually Impaired people encounter every day)
It also let me enjoy my 2nd favorite hobby, eating, and boy was it good

At least I got the food into my mouth unlike my friend Helen

Another picture of that stunning looking Fieldfare in Gosforth

Finally the sun starts to come down over North Tyneside

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